Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Brotha Life and X Man Project - Gotta Have It / Rise Up


*I know I've been slow on the updates and I apologize, I've been busy. Next month I will make sure to post alot more. I'll also be posting vinyls on Wax Attack starting next month, so make sure to check for a bunch of dope stuff!*

Here's a nice indie 12" out of NY by The Brotha Life & X Man Project. This record was released on Undercover Records in 1995. Both tracks were produced by Brotha Life and X Man. Brotha Life has another 12" out there that was released in 1993 and has the tracks The Wreck'a and Show Taker. Other than that I don't have any information on these guys. I like the B side, Rise Up, alot more but both tracks are nice. Check it out and drop a comment.

Gotta Have It / Rise Up

(File Front) Gotta Have It / Rise Up

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Top Choice Clique - Push It Past Red / Survival


Top Choice Clique consists of DJ Gemini, MC Force, and Jawn P and they're from NYC. Top Choice Clique have been releasing wax since the late 80's. The earliest Top Choice I know about is The Power In Words EP released in '88. In 1989 Top Choice released the Peace Of Mind/You Cant Deal single and in 1993 they dropped the single,I Think To My Self. The Peace Of Mind 12" was actually re pressed in '04. One other Top Choice record I know about is the Killing Me Softly single. I haven't ever heard this track and I don't know much about the record but I believe it was released in '99. The record I'm posting was released in 1994 on Colorblind Records. All the tracks on here were produced by MC Force, and the scratches were done by Gemini. I really like all the tracks on this record, it' probably my favorite Top Choice release. There are 2 different mixes of Push It Past Red on here, the Full Length mix and the Slow Flow Mix. The Slow Flow mix is my favorite by far but the other mix is really dope too. Make sure to check this one out I know there's some people that have wanted to hear this one for while so enjoy it and let me know what you think.

Push It Past Red / Survival