Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shok Therapy


Another dope 12 produced by DJ Shok and Parallax Publishing. First track is Pad Lock, the vocalists in this song are Hi-Tech, Jedi and Spectrum. This is my favorite track on this 12. The other song is pretty obscure but still sick. I really like it lyrically the chorus has that line "that'll be the day the whole world is on an acid trip" dope shit.. but this track is titled S.O.S. and the rappers are Jedi and Matrix. This is a classic 12 no doubt.

Shok Therapy

(File Front)Shok Therapy

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Energetic - Real Gangstas Don't bw So Test Me


Nice 12" by Energetic. The label is Cee-Low Entertainment and Wes "K-S" Hogges and Delvis Damon did the productions for the A side. Hogges and Chris "Toffer" Joe did the productions on the B side. Both tracks are really dope. Definite classic.

Real Gangstas Don't bw So Test Me

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Xperado - Paradox bw All Night


Here's a dope 12" by Xperado on Official Jointz. A sides got Paradox and B sides got All Night, and they're both produced by Lord Finesse. This one was released in '97. I really like Paradox.

Paradox bw All Night

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Don Scavone - The Force bw Sketchy Situation


Here's a Don Scavone 12". This is a '99 release and its on Makin' Records. Don had another 12" after this witch I don't have. Pretty dope tracks on here. I personally like Sketchy Situation. The Force was produced by Mista Sinister and Sketchy Situation was done my DJ Etch A Sketch. Enjoy

The Force bw Sketchy Situation (BYL)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Some dope videos..

Da King & I - Tears; 1993

Unbiased Ghetto Opinion - Boogie Bound; 1992

Dysfunkshunal Familee - New Ruff Flava; 1994

Da Rail Black / Pauly Paps


Super dope 12" on Kruppt Records right here. Side A has the track Thuz 3 Wishz by Da Rail Black and side B's got War Scarz by Pauly Paps. Both tracks are ill. The year is '97 and prods were done by Tim Winn for both tracks. Don't sleep on this!

Da Rail Black / Pauly Paps (BYL)

Genovesee - Genovesee Thesis


Here's the full rip to the Genovesee Thesis single. Love this track, it was in the last mix I made. This 12 is on Die Hard Records, prods by 'I' and the year is '97. Enjoy

Genovesee Thesis 12" (BYL)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hi-Tech - Book of Life bw 4 Degrees for the Streets


Here's the first of Hi-Techs three 12"s. The year is '96 and the label is Mass Vinyl. Shok and J Sin did the prods. Both tracks are sick. Comes with a remix to 4 Degrees. Pretty dope 12".

Book of Life bw 4 Degrees for the Streets

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Supafriendz - Unseen World Pt. 2 VLS


Here's another Supafriendz 12" on 804 Flava. On the A side there's the track Come Git It by Lonnie B and the unedited and instrumental to Unseen World Pt. 2. The other side's got Make it Hot by Danja Mowf and Lonnie B and the the radio edits to Unseen World Pt. 2 (two different radio edits.) Personally my favorite track is Come Git It Lonnie really flows in that track. Lonnie also did the productions along with A-Dam. Year is '97. Pretty dope 12 check it out.

Unseen World Pt. 2 VLS (BYL)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Munk Wit Da Funk - Blame My Neighborhood bw Been Here I'm Stayin


Awesome 12" by Munk Wit Da Funk. The A side has the extended version of I Blame My Neighborhood and the B side's got I Been Here I'm Stayin and the Hill Top remix of Blame My Neighborhood. All way dope tracks. The year is '95 and its on Illadelph Records. Prods by M squared. Don't miss this one.

Blame My Neighborhood bw Been Here I'm Stayin (BYL)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hi-Tech - 24/7 bw Book of Life Page 2


Here's another 12" by Hi-Tech. Out of Hi Techs three 12"s this one is my favorite. The year is '96 and label is Mass Vinyl. Prods by Jaybiz and Shok. Both tracks are sick but I'm into Page 2 a lil' more. This is an all round ill 12.

24/7 bw Book of Life Page 2 (BYL)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Scienz of Life - Power of Nine Ether bw The Anthem


Here's a pretty nice 12 by Scienz of Life. Scienz of Life consist of MC's Lil Sci' and ID 4 Winds. This is Scienz second 12" but the first 12 they did on Fondle 'Em. Im not 100% sure on the year but I think its '98 maybe '97. I personally like the a side track, Powers of Nine Ether, but both tracks are pretty ill.

Powers of Nine Ether bw The Anthem (BYL)

Alley High - World Wide b/w Voo Doo


This 12 is by the crew Alley High. I don't have much info on them but this is a pretty nice 12. Put out on Harlem High Ent. and produced by Dj Milo and Kazo. Im not sure about the year on this one either I'd guess '97. The 2 tracks here are World Wide and Voo Doo. In my opinion World Wide is the doper of the 2. Voo Doo features a female vocalist, Monifa. Check it out.

World Wide b/w Voo Doo (BYL)

Saturday, January 5, 2008



Here's the first BYL Mix. 13 tracks I put together, they're all mass dope. Enjoy

Boodah An Da Bandit - Brain on Drugz
Arsonists - Flashbacks
Mood - Transmoreify
World Renown - Come Take a Ride (West Coast Mix)
Brainsick Mob - Mixmaster USA (Puff Ya Lah)
Troubleneck Brothers - Pure
Genovesee - Genovesee Thesis
NYCP - Cheeba Cheeba (Get Lifted Mix)
BBO - Dayz LIke This
Thrust - Do You Understand? (Remix)
Hype Da Madman - Real MC's
Da Naba Hood Threat - The Unknown
Psyclone - Ish Gotta Stop

BYL Mix 1

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hi-Tech - All Time Einstein VLS


Really dope 12" by Hi-Tech. 3 sick tracks, All Time Einstein, The Techs Technique, and The Music. This is Hi Techs 3rd 12 and the year is '97. Label is Mass Vinyl and all prods by DJ Shok.

All Time Einstein (BYL)