Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mr. Live ft. Tony Bones - Relax Y'Self / Supa Dupa / Hunger Strike


This Mr. Live 12" is pretty dope. It was released on Fondle 'Em in 1996 and it features the Britsh MC Tony Bones. E. Blaize and Ves did the productions. Mr. Live has released some other nice stuff like the Placebo EP and The Bus' Off EP. All 3 tracks on here are really dope... I can't decide witch I like more, Relax Y'Self or Hunger Strike. Check it out.

(File Front) Relax Y'Self / Supa Dupa / Hunger Strike

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Giftstylez - Movin' On bw No Understanding


Super dope indie by Giftstylez. This 12" was released in '96 on Supreme Entertainment. Both sides are really sick. The A side has the track Movin On. This track was produced by KutMasta Kurt, known for his work with Kool Kieth and the Beastie Boys. Movin On was one of the first tracks KutMasta Kurt produced. The B side track is No Understanding, produced by T.D. I'd have to say I like No Understanding a little more but they are both ill! Don't miss this 12".

(File Front) Movin' On bw No Understanding

J-Luv - In The House bw "G"In Or "Mc"In


Here's a 12" with lots of old school flavor by J-Luv outta Maryland. J-Luv released this in '94 on J&J Jam Records. Both tracks were produced by J-Luv and Joseph Howell. I like the A side track, In The House, more but they are both dope.

(File Front)In The House bw "G"In Or "Mc"In

Thursday, April 24, 2008

VA - B.O.N.I.S. EP


This is the B.O.N.I.S. Records Sampler EP released in '96. The artists featured on this EP are O Da Addict, Rukus, and Just Shawn. The a side is O Da Addict's side and it's got the tracks Brand Names and If You Don't Know. Brand Names is a really dope song with a pretty unique concept. Through out the song O incorporates as many other rappers names as he can, into his rhymes. I've counted 51 different names in the song but theres most likely more. Try and count and see how many you get. The song Brand Names was produced by O Da Addict and Just Shawn. O's second song is If You Don't Know, witch was produced by Jamil Ingram and Just Shawn. The other side has the track Trapped Inside by the female MC Rukus and Just For A look by Just Shawn both produced by Jamil Ingram. Trapped Inside and Brand Names are my favorite tracks on this 12".


(File Front) B.O.N.I.S. EP

Monday, April 21, 2008

Record Sales

Here is a small selection of records I am selling. This list is also posted on the vinyladdicts forum here. If you are interested in a record just let me know. Also if there is a record you're interested in but you'd rather trade something let me know and if I like the offer it's a deal. All the prices here are what I'm asking for, If it says "(SOLD!)" that means some one offered to buy it but until I completely remove the record from the list no transaction has been made so if you want it offer more!!

I've put together a zip file thats got snippets from the records, grab that here.

You can contact me using the vinyladdicts forum or you can e-mail me at

Supafriendz / Lonnie B. - Come Git It / Unseen World Pt. 2 / Make It Hot. 1997 804 Tapes-N-Discs. Condition: EX. Price 9.99 USD

Shatike - Lifestyles / Diamonds. 1996 Buddah Fest Ent. Condition: M. Price 14.99 USD

Nomaads - The Ultimate / The Ultimate Remix. 1994 V.I.P. Records. Condition: VG. Price 29.99 USD

Arsonsits - Blaze / Geembo's Theme / Flashback. 1997 Fondle 'Em Records. Condition: EX Price. 9.99 USD

Siah - Repetition / Pyrite. 1997 Fondle 'Em Records. Condition: EX. Price 12.99 USD

Lin Que - Let It Fall / Par Ley. 1995 Eastwest Records. Condition: VG. Price 9.99 USD

Love 'N' Props, Lord Digga, The Widowmakers, Masta Ace - The Southpaw EP. 1996 Southpaw Recordings. Condition: Mint. Price 39.99 USD *Not release with the Ill Bil track, Dope Fiend" (SOLD!)

The Kreem Team feat. Boosta Brody - Three Hots And A Cot / For The Love Of Money (Bust 2 Shots). 1996 Action Records. Condition: EX. Price 19.99 USD

Jgaboo Da Ignant - Travels / Me. 1997 Horizon Records. Condition: VG. Price 14.99 USD

Don Scavone - The Force / Sketchy Situation. 1999 Makin' Records. Condition: M. Price 12.99 USD

J-Treds - Make It Happen / Praise Due. 1998 Fondle 'Em Records. Condition: EX. Price 9.99 USD

Yeshua da poED - The Head Bop / Directions. 1997 Raw Shack Productions. Condition: EX Price 9.99 USD

Scienz Of Life - Powers on Nine Ether / The Anthem/ 1997 Fondle 'Em Records. Condition: VG. Price 7.99 USD

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mudkids - Freekya/Mash It Up/Water to Earth


Mudkids is a 2 man group out of Indianapolis Indiana. Rusty, or Russ Johnson, is the MC and Elp-Mass, or Tyler Knapp is the DJ. The Mudkids have had some underground popularity and have released a couple other singles including the '99 12", Fool/Numbawonsoun'/Rap Can Do. They released another two vinyls in '00-'01. Less than 2 years ago the Mudkids released a full length CD titled Basementality, featuring a new addition to the Mudkids, Skittz. The single I'm posting is their first release from '98. It's on Surf Records and the productions were done by Elp-Mass.

Freekya/Mash It Up/Water to Earth

Monday, April 7, 2008

Yo! MTV Raps Finale Freestyle

Since it was recently the 20th anniversary of Yo! MTV Raps I thought I'd post the legends freestyle from the last episode in 1995. The order the MC's rap in is as followed; Rakim, KRS-One, Erick Sermon, Chubb Rock, MC Serch, Redman, Method Man, Large Professor, Special Ed, and Craig Mack. Definitely Yo MTV raps in it's rawest form. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Kreem Team - Three Hots And A Cot bw For The Love Of Money (Bust 2 Shots)


Here's a dope 12" by The Kreem Team. This record was released in '96 on Action Recordings. The Gooch did the productions along with DJ Mike. The beat on the B side is a little odd to me but lyrically it is really sick, I listen to the acapella alot. The A side is the winner for me, witch features Boosta Brody.

Three Hots And A Cot bw For The Love Of Money (Bust 2 Shots) BYL