Monday, November 24, 2008


Just letting you guys know that I put a little trade/sale list on VA. I'm having an eBay sale some time soon aswell.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Uptown Kidz - I Got Da Skilz


Here's the first 12" released by NYC based crew, U.T.K or Uptown Kidz. This record was released in 1992 on Big Boss Records. Cazi-O did the productions for this track. I have one other U.T.K record, released in 1994 and it's on Big Boss as well. That 12" has the tracks How We Roll and Dark Side. They changed their name to U.T.K. Rezerectors on that 12". I don't know if U.T.K has any other 12"s or CDs, I've heard rumors of an LP but I haven't seen it. Personally I like their second 12" more but the song on this 12" is still good. Enjoy the rip and leave a comment. Peace

I Got Da Skilz (zShare)
I Got Da Skilz (File Upload)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BYL Mix 3!


Just put this together... I picked another 13 tracks for your indie listening pleasure. I'll be posting alot of these songs up again, here and on Wax Attack, but with full record reviews and rips. So check it out and leave some comments.


Okey Doke - Whos Da One Rappin
Black Mafia - Gotta Get Paid
Darc Mind - Smooth Wit The Roughness
Company Flow - Juvenile Technique
Demaka - Knowledge Is Power
Headrush - Run For Cover
Chapter 3 - Ruff-N-Tuff
Trife and D Mob - Running From The Mob
Homeliss Derilex - Explanations
Top Choice Clique - You Cant Deal
Dysfunkshunal Familee feat. Finsta Bundy - Like That U Dont
Eddie Meeks and Thareeko - Gunclappin and Pistolwhippin
Rec Center - Whos Who

BYL Mix 3 (zShare)
BYL Mix 3 (File Upload)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Aboriginals - Chemistry / Compositions / QNA


The Aboriginals released this record in 1997 on Mecca Life Entertainment. This record has 3 dope tracks. The A side tracks, Chemistry and Compositions, were both produced by Logic and Obsession. QNA was produced by Fingatip and features Mike Zoot. Out of the 3 songs on this record my favorite is Chemistry but the other 2 are definatly worth listening to. This 12" is the Aboriginals second release. In 1996 they released Make It Hot bw The Joint and in 2000 they dropped Numer Theory bw Renaissance, both on Mecca Life Entertainment. The track Keep It Hot is also on the Lost and Found EP, along with tracks by Da Grassroots and Rob-O. Well check these tracks out and tell me what you think of them in the comments. Peace!

(Media Fire) Chemistry Composistion / QNA

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Musik G and The Underground Army - Rock On / No Games


Here's a record by Musik G (Musik Generator) and The Underground Army. Musik G & The UGA released this 12" in 1998 on their own label, Underground Army Records. Musik G produced both tracks and No Games features W.H.Y. D Original. I posted this record because I really like the B side track, No Games. Rock On doesn't interest me much at all. Musik G & The Underground Army have recently made a return to the hip hop scene. In 2003 they put out an EP titled The Underground Can't Be Stopped! and last year they released the single, I'm Up. You can find out more info on Musik G and The UGA on their website. So take a second to listen to this record if you haven't heard it already and let me know what you think.

Rock On / No Games

(File Front) Rock On / No Games

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Brotha Life and X Man Project - Gotta Have It / Rise Up


*I know I've been slow on the updates and I apologize, I've been busy. Next month I will make sure to post alot more. I'll also be posting vinyls on Wax Attack starting next month, so make sure to check for a bunch of dope stuff!*

Here's a nice indie 12" out of NY by The Brotha Life & X Man Project. This record was released on Undercover Records in 1995. Both tracks were produced by Brotha Life and X Man. Brotha Life has another 12" out there that was released in 1993 and has the tracks The Wreck'a and Show Taker. Other than that I don't have any information on these guys. I like the B side, Rise Up, alot more but both tracks are nice. Check it out and drop a comment.

Gotta Have It / Rise Up

(File Front) Gotta Have It / Rise Up

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Top Choice Clique - Push It Past Red / Survival


Top Choice Clique consists of DJ Gemini, MC Force, and Jawn P and they're from NYC. Top Choice Clique have been releasing wax since the late 80's. The earliest Top Choice I know about is The Power In Words EP released in '88. In 1989 Top Choice released the Peace Of Mind/You Cant Deal single and in 1993 they dropped the single,I Think To My Self. The Peace Of Mind 12" was actually re pressed in '04. One other Top Choice record I know about is the Killing Me Softly single. I haven't ever heard this track and I don't know much about the record but I believe it was released in '99. The record I'm posting was released in 1994 on Colorblind Records. All the tracks on here were produced by MC Force, and the scratches were done by Gemini. I really like all the tracks on this record, it' probably my favorite Top Choice release. There are 2 different mixes of Push It Past Red on here, the Full Length mix and the Slow Flow Mix. The Slow Flow mix is my favorite by far but the other mix is really dope too. Make sure to check this one out I know there's some people that have wanted to hear this one for while so enjoy it and let me know what you think.

Push It Past Red / Survival

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Da Noe Doe Network - EP


Da Noe Doe Network released this EP in 1997 on 4Self Records and it was produced by FMS and Da Noe Doe Network. Da Noe Doe Network released some great indie records in the 90's on their own label's. The earliest Rock The MC material I know about is a record released in 1991 on Espionage Records. That record also features Skemen's Mcs, Gab and K.C. The Skemen dropped a really dope record in 1995 on their own label, Skemen records. Rock The MC is featured on that 12" as well. In 1996 the first record under the name Da Noe Doe Network was released. On that record it has a list of all the people that are part of the Da Noe Doe Network and is says "Rock The MC, Shawn October, World, Skemen, Tek Priest, Rumboo, Panther the Apache, Bruzza & FMS." The 2 tracks on that record, Next Stop and Take A Journey are both on this EP. Da Noe Doe Network did one more record that I don't know much abobut but I'm pretty sure it was released after this one. That 12" has the tracks Noe Biz and I'm Not Sure. If you don't have this one grab the files and let me know what you think.

Da Noe Doe Network - EP

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A.B.U. Nation - Get Lifted VLS


Here is a record by A.B.U. (African Brothers United) Nation. This record was released in 1996 on Upset Records. This track and the mixes were produced by Arcenius Bryant, Greg Brown and co-produced by A.B.U. I think this is the last 12" A.B.U. Nation released. They have 2 other records out there, Pat Em Down VLS and the Black Panther Style VLS. The Pat Em Down VLS was also released in 1996 but I believe it was made earlier than this record, (I think the Get Lifted VLS was made in '96 but actually ended up coming out in early '97.) Black Panther Style was A.B.U.'s first 12", released in 1995. I don't know all the members of A.B.U. but I know one of them goes by the name, Demaka and I know before he did anything with A.B.U. he released a 12" (Knowledge is Power VLS) in 1992, witch is really dope and hard to find. Well check this single out and tell me if you like it!

*There is a miss print on the A-Side of this record. Theres no Radio Mix.*

Get Lifted VLS

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sourface - Era of The Sourface / Don't Try To Play Me


Dope indie record outta NYC by the 2 man crew, Sourface. Sourface released this 12" in 1994 on Hard Beat Enterprises. The productions for this record were done by K-Love for Henchmen Productions. As far as I know this is the only record Sourface released and the only release on Hard Beat. I think this record is really slept because both the tracks are crazy dope. I listen to Era of The Sourface more often but I like them both. Make sure to check this one out if you haven't heard it. Let me know what you think.

Era of The Sourface / Don't Try To Play Me

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Native Nuttz - Skin Flower / 40 Oz. of Funk


This is a nice, easy to find, VLS by a crew called Native Nuttz out of Georgia. The Native Nuttz released this promo and a full LP in 1994 on Down Payment Records. Their LP was titled The Natives Are Restless and it's definitely worth checking out. This record has the tracks Skin Flower and 40 Oz. of Funk, both the songs were produced by Aldrin "DJ Toomp" Davis. Make sure to check out the files on this one if you haven't heard it already.

Skin Flower / 40 Oz. of Funk

Friday, July 4, 2008

Abstract Mindstate the M.O.D. - Equiponderance / Taoism


This is a nice 12" by a crew from Chicago that goes by the name Abstract Mindstate the Misfitz of Dialog. This record was released in 1998 on Cream Entertainment. The A side track is Equiponderance and it was produced by Gensu Dean for Can I Borrow This Record Productions. The B side has the track Taoism, produced by Andy C for Green Thumb Productions. Out of the 2 songs on this 12" I'd have to say I like Equiponderance more, lyrics wise it's crazy! I know Abstract Mindstate has released other material but I don't believe they released anything else on wax. They had a full length LP that they put out in 2001 titled We Paid, Let Us In. That CD has both the tracks from this 12" on it and I think is worth checking out. Enjoy this rip and let me know what you think.

Equiponderance / Taoism

(Media Fire) Equiponderance / Taoism

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lost Tribe - Masta Plan VLS


Not much to say about this 12". It's by a group called Lost Tribe and it's on Renegade Records. It was released in '95 and was produced by Vision For K.E.T.I.A. The original version is on the A side and there is a remix on the B. I prefer the remix over the original. I don't know much about Lost Tribe. I believe they released some other stuff in the early/mid 90's and I think some of it was under the name Lost Tribe of Hip Hop. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Masta Plan VLS

Friday, June 6, 2008

Jaywalk - Ooh Yea Check It Out Ya'll VLS


This is one of my newest additions to the crates. This record was released in '96 on Pure Genius Records. The vinyl didn't have any info on the productions or anything else on it so I was lucky enough to contact Jaywalk and find out some more stuff about this record. This track was produced by Mo-Funk and he is the featured MC in the second verse. This record was recorded in NY in the Strong Island Studios building. Both Jaywalk and Mo-Funk are still making music and both are planing to release new albums this year. This song is pretty nice and I thought you guy's might like to hear it.. let me know what you think.

Ooh Yea Check It Out Ya'll VLS

(File Front)Ooh Yea Check It Out Ya'll VLS

Backtalk - High Enuf VLS


Here's an indie 12" out of Atlanta by Backtalk. I don't have any information on this crew besides the info on the wax, but I really like this single. The track is called High Enuf and it comes with 2 mixes, the Fullasoul Mix, and The Earjerka Edit. The mixes are pretty similar but I like The Earjerka Edit more. These guys can really rhyme and definatly show off their '93 style. This record is on their own label (not sure of the name), and they also did their own productions. So check the files and let me know if you enjoy it.

(File Front) High Enuf VLS

Monday, May 26, 2008

Brothers Of The Mind - Stop Schemin' / Kick Facts and Rough & Tough VLS

I'm posting both of the 12"s from Brothers Of The Mind that were released in '95 and '96. Brothers Of The Mind come out of New York and are signed under Max'n Records. Max'n released some good stuff from '94-'96, a lot of instrumental and jazzy stuff. Both of these 12"s were produced by Pal Joey, who is well known for his work with BDP.

Stop Schemin' / Kick Facts - 1995


The first 12" they put out is my favorite of the two. It has the tracks Stop Schemin', on the A side, and Kick Facts on the B. I really like the beat for Stop Schemin', it has a crazy horn loop and lyrically it's a killer. Kick Facts has a bit of a faster beat and is a little more rugged.

Stop Schemin' / Kick Facts

Rough & Tough VLS - 1996


The second one has the track Rough & Tough and 2 different mixes, the Daytyme Mix and the Nitetyme Mix. The lyrics in this song are really well written. All 3 versions are sick and each have different styles. The Nitetyme Mix was remixed by Da Beatminerz and it's probably my favorite. This song has a sample from Mental Stamina by Jeru The Damaja. You all need to defiantly listen to these vinyls, and please leave me a comment telling me your stand on them. Enjoy!

Rough & Tough VLS

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

DaLush & The Click - Ruff Rugged & Raw / Blunt Is What I Want


Here is a pretty nice record by DaLush & The Click. This 12" was released in '94 and it's on this crew's own independent label, DaLush. Productions for this record were done by Thurmond Dooley. The only thing I know about these guys is that they released another single in '93, witch has got the tracks Skeezer and I'm A Bad, Bad Niggar. That release is also on DaLush Records and was produced by Thurmond. The 2 tracks on this records have completely different styles. The A side track, Ruff, Rugged, & Raw is as titled. The B side is alot more laid back and smooth. I don't really have a favorite. Leave a comment and tell me how you feel on this one.

Ruff Rugged & Raw / Blunt Is What I Want

Friday, May 16, 2008

Nomad - Blessed 2 Mic Check / Da Movement / Shantae


This 12" is by the MC, Nomad (Da Nomadic) out of Seattle. This record dropped in 1998 and it was Nomads first release. Nomad released 2 other 12"s. In 2000 he put the Sedated Thoughts VLS and is 2001 he released the Worldwide/Divine Rhymer 12". All of Nomads work is on 300 60 Degree Entertainment. The A side track on this 12" was produced by Mr. Supreme, known for his work with Third Degree. Da Movement was produced by DJ Sayeed and Black Anger. Productions for Shantae were done by DJ Swift. My favorite track on this 12", hands down, is Blessed 2 Mic Check. Check it out let me hear what you think.

Blesed 2 Mic Check / Da Movement / Shantae

(Media Fire) Blessed 2 Mic Check / Da Movement / Shantae

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sixtoo / Moka Only - The Crystal Senate EP


Dope EP on Hand' Solo Records. This 12" features 2 artists, Sixtoo, or Vaughn Squire, on the A side and Moka Only, or Daniel Denton, on the flip. This was released in '97 and Che Imperial and Kutmasta Kurt did the productions for the Moka Only tracks. Sixtoo did his own prods. Both Moka Only and Sixtoo come outta Toronto. Moka Only and Sixtoo are members of the Cryptik Souls Crew witch consists of many memebers such as, Abdominal, Buck 65, and Asicks. Moka Only has released alot of solo material. Some of his work in the 90's were the Upcoast Relix LP ('95), Dusty Bumbs LP ('96) , and the Monsterpiece LP ('98). All pretty dope. I believe that this is the first release that featured Sixtoo. Moka Only has 2 tracks on this EP, Ow and Taking You Places. Both are dope but I like Ow better. Sixtoo gives you a 5 different tracks. Sixtoo's style is more obscure and his flows are deep. This is an all round really dope vinyl. Let me know what you think in the comments.

The Crystal Senate EP

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mo'Budded Phat Jointz EP


A while back I posted a 12" by the Gas Chamber and Izm Da Mad Soul on Next Millenium Ent. This record was released in the same year ('98) and also features the Gas Chamber and Izm Da Mad Soul. Both records have the Mo' Budded Ent. logo on them but this one is actually on the Mo'Budded label. I don't have much info on these labels but I can infer that they are affiliated in one way or another. There is a 12" by Master O.L.D. that features the Gas Chamber and is on Next Millenium Ent. That record has a small picture of the Mo'Budded logo on it and was managed by Mo'Budded. I also believe that the track, Mo' Budded Representation, witch is on this 12", features Master O.L.D. but under the name M.O.L.D. This EP features 2 other artists; Shane Hunter and Da Unsung Poets. This was the first 12" that Shane Hunter appeared on. Since then he has released a couple other tracks on compilations and one full length CD, titled Conditions and Shifts on Rotation Music. I haven't read or heard about any other Unsung Poets material but the track they did for this EP is really ill. The Izm/Gas Chamber tracks on this 12" are as dope as expected. Productions for this 12" were done by Phat Ro. (He also did the productions on the Maser O.L.D. 12") I'm into Movin On and Mushroom Kloudz the most. Tell me what you think!

Mo'Budded Phat Jointz EP


I love doing what I do and sharing the music I'm interested in with all you awesome people but this blog isn't very socially exciting. When I decided to make this I was hoping to see more interaction with all the people that visit. I don't want to be preachy and yell at you guys for not commenting but it would make the stuff I do feel a little more worth while. If everyone who picked up the links just left a little comment on their opinion of the record that would be dope. Even if you don't like it let me know! All the other blog runners have an idea of what I'm talking about. It's just nice to see who's using the links I provide. If the pattern continues of 3 comments per 100 downloads the only thing I've thought of doing was adding a password to my rips and you'd need to leave a comment with your E-Mail to get the pass. But this would be a hassle for me and you so let's just leave some more comments instead.

Thanks and bless ya life!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Silouette - Bringin It Back / Africentricity / The Storm


Here's a really dope 12" by Silouette of The Annexx Clique. K-Mack and Silouette released a bunch of 12"s from 95-97, I believe a total of 6. This one was released in '97. On the first two Annexx 12"s (CF001, CF002) the label went under the name The Concrete Foundation and they spelled their name, "Annexx Click". On the other 4 the label went under Concrete & Wiz Foundation Inc. and they changed the spelling to "Annexx Clique". Productions for this 12" were done by DJ Concrete. All the tracks here are really dope, I don't think I can claim a favorite. Leave me a comment telling me what you think or don't download it!

Bringin It Back / Africentricity / The Storm

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Main One featuring Trigger Tha Gambler & Smoothe Da Hustler - Something Special bw Cross Examination


Nice 12" by Main One featuring Trigger & Smoothe Da Hustler. This is on Main Ones label, Main One Recordings. The A side was produced by Main One and the B side was produced by Tic. The year for this one is '97. Main One released a bunch of 12"s in the 90's and one full length LP, titled "Birth Of The Ghetto Child" in '95. Both the songs on this 12" are nice. The B side track, Cross Examination, is the track that features Smoothe and Trigger. The A side track, Something Special, features a R&B signer witch I don't like but I still like the song alot because of the beat. Check it out!

*The track listings on this vinyl are incorrect. Each side has dirty, clean, and instrumental version*

Something Special bw Cross Examination

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mr. Live ft. Tony Bones - Relax Y'Self / Supa Dupa / Hunger Strike


This Mr. Live 12" is pretty dope. It was released on Fondle 'Em in 1996 and it features the Britsh MC Tony Bones. E. Blaize and Ves did the productions. Mr. Live has released some other nice stuff like the Placebo EP and The Bus' Off EP. All 3 tracks on here are really dope... I can't decide witch I like more, Relax Y'Self or Hunger Strike. Check it out.

(File Front) Relax Y'Self / Supa Dupa / Hunger Strike

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Giftstylez - Movin' On bw No Understanding


Super dope indie by Giftstylez. This 12" was released in '96 on Supreme Entertainment. Both sides are really sick. The A side has the track Movin On. This track was produced by KutMasta Kurt, known for his work with Kool Kieth and the Beastie Boys. Movin On was one of the first tracks KutMasta Kurt produced. The B side track is No Understanding, produced by T.D. I'd have to say I like No Understanding a little more but they are both ill! Don't miss this 12".

(File Front) Movin' On bw No Understanding

J-Luv - In The House bw "G"In Or "Mc"In


Here's a 12" with lots of old school flavor by J-Luv outta Maryland. J-Luv released this in '94 on J&J Jam Records. Both tracks were produced by J-Luv and Joseph Howell. I like the A side track, In The House, more but they are both dope.

(File Front)In The House bw "G"In Or "Mc"In

Thursday, April 24, 2008

VA - B.O.N.I.S. EP


This is the B.O.N.I.S. Records Sampler EP released in '96. The artists featured on this EP are O Da Addict, Rukus, and Just Shawn. The a side is O Da Addict's side and it's got the tracks Brand Names and If You Don't Know. Brand Names is a really dope song with a pretty unique concept. Through out the song O incorporates as many other rappers names as he can, into his rhymes. I've counted 51 different names in the song but theres most likely more. Try and count and see how many you get. The song Brand Names was produced by O Da Addict and Just Shawn. O's second song is If You Don't Know, witch was produced by Jamil Ingram and Just Shawn. The other side has the track Trapped Inside by the female MC Rukus and Just For A look by Just Shawn both produced by Jamil Ingram. Trapped Inside and Brand Names are my favorite tracks on this 12".


(File Front) B.O.N.I.S. EP

Monday, April 21, 2008

Record Sales

Here is a small selection of records I am selling. This list is also posted on the vinyladdicts forum here. If you are interested in a record just let me know. Also if there is a record you're interested in but you'd rather trade something let me know and if I like the offer it's a deal. All the prices here are what I'm asking for, If it says "(SOLD!)" that means some one offered to buy it but until I completely remove the record from the list no transaction has been made so if you want it offer more!!

I've put together a zip file thats got snippets from the records, grab that here.

You can contact me using the vinyladdicts forum or you can e-mail me at

Supafriendz / Lonnie B. - Come Git It / Unseen World Pt. 2 / Make It Hot. 1997 804 Tapes-N-Discs. Condition: EX. Price 9.99 USD

Shatike - Lifestyles / Diamonds. 1996 Buddah Fest Ent. Condition: M. Price 14.99 USD

Nomaads - The Ultimate / The Ultimate Remix. 1994 V.I.P. Records. Condition: VG. Price 29.99 USD

Arsonsits - Blaze / Geembo's Theme / Flashback. 1997 Fondle 'Em Records. Condition: EX Price. 9.99 USD

Siah - Repetition / Pyrite. 1997 Fondle 'Em Records. Condition: EX. Price 12.99 USD

Lin Que - Let It Fall / Par Ley. 1995 Eastwest Records. Condition: VG. Price 9.99 USD

Love 'N' Props, Lord Digga, The Widowmakers, Masta Ace - The Southpaw EP. 1996 Southpaw Recordings. Condition: Mint. Price 39.99 USD *Not release with the Ill Bil track, Dope Fiend" (SOLD!)

The Kreem Team feat. Boosta Brody - Three Hots And A Cot / For The Love Of Money (Bust 2 Shots). 1996 Action Records. Condition: EX. Price 19.99 USD

Jgaboo Da Ignant - Travels / Me. 1997 Horizon Records. Condition: VG. Price 14.99 USD

Don Scavone - The Force / Sketchy Situation. 1999 Makin' Records. Condition: M. Price 12.99 USD

J-Treds - Make It Happen / Praise Due. 1998 Fondle 'Em Records. Condition: EX. Price 9.99 USD

Yeshua da poED - The Head Bop / Directions. 1997 Raw Shack Productions. Condition: EX Price 9.99 USD

Scienz Of Life - Powers on Nine Ether / The Anthem/ 1997 Fondle 'Em Records. Condition: VG. Price 7.99 USD

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mudkids - Freekya/Mash It Up/Water to Earth


Mudkids is a 2 man group out of Indianapolis Indiana. Rusty, or Russ Johnson, is the MC and Elp-Mass, or Tyler Knapp is the DJ. The Mudkids have had some underground popularity and have released a couple other singles including the '99 12", Fool/Numbawonsoun'/Rap Can Do. They released another two vinyls in '00-'01. Less than 2 years ago the Mudkids released a full length CD titled Basementality, featuring a new addition to the Mudkids, Skittz. The single I'm posting is their first release from '98. It's on Surf Records and the productions were done by Elp-Mass.

Freekya/Mash It Up/Water to Earth

Monday, April 7, 2008

Yo! MTV Raps Finale Freestyle

Since it was recently the 20th anniversary of Yo! MTV Raps I thought I'd post the legends freestyle from the last episode in 1995. The order the MC's rap in is as followed; Rakim, KRS-One, Erick Sermon, Chubb Rock, MC Serch, Redman, Method Man, Large Professor, Special Ed, and Craig Mack. Definitely Yo MTV raps in it's rawest form. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Kreem Team - Three Hots And A Cot bw For The Love Of Money (Bust 2 Shots)


Here's a dope 12" by The Kreem Team. This record was released in '96 on Action Recordings. The Gooch did the productions along with DJ Mike. The beat on the B side is a little odd to me but lyrically it is really sick, I listen to the acapella alot. The A side is the winner for me, witch features Boosta Brody.

Three Hots And A Cot bw For The Love Of Money (Bust 2 Shots) BYL

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mass Influence - Life To The MC bw Under Pressure


I posted Mass Influence's second 12" a couple weeks ago and I finally got around to ripping their first one so here it is. Same label, Elemental Recordings, and the year is '97. Mass Influence did their own prods for both tracks. Enjoy.

(Media Fire) Life To The MC bw Under Pressure

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gas Chamber/Izm Da Mad Soul - It's Yours bw Illusiv/Who Lit Dat


This is a really nice 12" by the Gas Chamber. It was released in 1998 on Next Millenium Records. The A side has the track It's Yours. I'm not to into the beat much for this song but lyrically it's way dope. The B sides got two Izm Da Mad Soul, (member of the Gas Chamber), solo tracks. The first one is Illusiv witch is my favorite song on this 12". The other one is Who Lit Dat witch is equally as dope. All the songs on this vinyl were produced by DJ Mo. Pretty sick 12" right here so don't miss it.

(Media Fire)It's Yours bw Illusiv/Who Lit Dat

Friday, March 21, 2008

Rugged Brood ft. Shamus - What's The Impact VLS


Nice 12" on Raw Track Records. This was released in '98 and the productions were done by Buckwild. Rugged Brood were featured on Shamus's Serving Life EP and I believe they released another single for the Dwellin' In Darkness track witch is pretty dope. This track is equally dope so enjoy!

(File Front) What's The Impact VLS (BYL)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nappy Crumb Snatchers - Real Shaolin EP


Pretty dope indie outta Staten Island by N.C.S. (Nappy Crumb Snatchers), on Black Prince Records. N.C.S. dropped this EP in '96 and it features 6 songs. A sides got the tracks Black Rain, Mentals Of The Mind, and Crumbsnatchers From The Slums. The B sides got Facks, Zero 8, and Lump Sums. Each track is ill for it's own reason but I'd have to say my favorite would be Facks or Lump Sums. Productions on this 12" were done by Keith Cormier and Johnel Hill.

Real Shaolin EP

(Media Fire) Real Shaolin EP

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Southpaw EP


Here's a compilation on Southpaw Records. This was released in '96. I guess there is another version to this EP that has the Ill Bill track, Dope Fiend,(SP-30475) instead of the Masta Ace track that's on this one (SP-99151). The other one was posted on Wax Attack recently and can be found on discogs here. The track Nobody Knows My name by Love 'N' Props was produced by This Kid Named Miles. Lord Digga's got 2 tracks on this EP. First is S.E.X., produced by Fatal and the other one is Feel It with prods by Masta Ace. The Widowmakers did their own prods on the track Meet Jamacia. And the last track on this EP is Top Ten List by Masta Ace. Personally I like The Widowmakers track the best.

If any ones got any info on why there's two versions of this EP released in the same year let me know. Thanks

The Southpaw EP (BYL)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tribal Music Inc. - Equilibrium bw Wrong Number / Traffic



Tribal Music Inc. released this promo in '96. This 12" features 3 artists and 3 tracks. The A side has the track Equilibrium by the Ghetto Children, produced by Vitamin D. B side's got Wrong Number by the Phat Mob, produced by Poetry and Vitamin D, and the track Traffic by Sinsemilla. Traffic was produced by Topspin. The "Do The Math" compilation was released the same year and features artists like Infinite and T.H.C. Do The Math also has a couple other tracks by Ghetto Children and Phat Mob, so you should check it out. My favorite track of this 12" would be Equilibrium. So enjoy this Seatle gem.

Equilibrium bw Wrong Number/Traffic (BYL)