Sunday, July 27, 2008

Da Noe Doe Network - EP


Da Noe Doe Network released this EP in 1997 on 4Self Records and it was produced by FMS and Da Noe Doe Network. Da Noe Doe Network released some great indie records in the 90's on their own label's. The earliest Rock The MC material I know about is a record released in 1991 on Espionage Records. That record also features Skemen's Mcs, Gab and K.C. The Skemen dropped a really dope record in 1995 on their own label, Skemen records. Rock The MC is featured on that 12" as well. In 1996 the first record under the name Da Noe Doe Network was released. On that record it has a list of all the people that are part of the Da Noe Doe Network and is says "Rock The MC, Shawn October, World, Skemen, Tek Priest, Rumboo, Panther the Apache, Bruzza & FMS." The 2 tracks on that record, Next Stop and Take A Journey are both on this EP. Da Noe Doe Network did one more record that I don't know much abobut but I'm pretty sure it was released after this one. That 12" has the tracks Noe Biz and I'm Not Sure. If you don't have this one grab the files and let me know what you think.

Da Noe Doe Network - EP

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A.B.U. Nation - Get Lifted VLS


Here is a record by A.B.U. (African Brothers United) Nation. This record was released in 1996 on Upset Records. This track and the mixes were produced by Arcenius Bryant, Greg Brown and co-produced by A.B.U. I think this is the last 12" A.B.U. Nation released. They have 2 other records out there, Pat Em Down VLS and the Black Panther Style VLS. The Pat Em Down VLS was also released in 1996 but I believe it was made earlier than this record, (I think the Get Lifted VLS was made in '96 but actually ended up coming out in early '97.) Black Panther Style was A.B.U.'s first 12", released in 1995. I don't know all the members of A.B.U. but I know one of them goes by the name, Demaka and I know before he did anything with A.B.U. he released a 12" (Knowledge is Power VLS) in 1992, witch is really dope and hard to find. Well check this single out and tell me if you like it!

*There is a miss print on the A-Side of this record. Theres no Radio Mix.*

Get Lifted VLS

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sourface - Era of The Sourface / Don't Try To Play Me


Dope indie record outta NYC by the 2 man crew, Sourface. Sourface released this 12" in 1994 on Hard Beat Enterprises. The productions for this record were done by K-Love for Henchmen Productions. As far as I know this is the only record Sourface released and the only release on Hard Beat. I think this record is really slept because both the tracks are crazy dope. I listen to Era of The Sourface more often but I like them both. Make sure to check this one out if you haven't heard it. Let me know what you think.

Era of The Sourface / Don't Try To Play Me

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Native Nuttz - Skin Flower / 40 Oz. of Funk


This is a nice, easy to find, VLS by a crew called Native Nuttz out of Georgia. The Native Nuttz released this promo and a full LP in 1994 on Down Payment Records. Their LP was titled The Natives Are Restless and it's definitely worth checking out. This record has the tracks Skin Flower and 40 Oz. of Funk, both the songs were produced by Aldrin "DJ Toomp" Davis. Make sure to check out the files on this one if you haven't heard it already.

Skin Flower / 40 Oz. of Funk

Friday, July 4, 2008

Abstract Mindstate the M.O.D. - Equiponderance / Taoism


This is a nice 12" by a crew from Chicago that goes by the name Abstract Mindstate the Misfitz of Dialog. This record was released in 1998 on Cream Entertainment. The A side track is Equiponderance and it was produced by Gensu Dean for Can I Borrow This Record Productions. The B side has the track Taoism, produced by Andy C for Green Thumb Productions. Out of the 2 songs on this 12" I'd have to say I like Equiponderance more, lyrics wise it's crazy! I know Abstract Mindstate has released other material but I don't believe they released anything else on wax. They had a full length LP that they put out in 2001 titled We Paid, Let Us In. That CD has both the tracks from this 12" on it and I think is worth checking out. Enjoy this rip and let me know what you think.

Equiponderance / Taoism

(Media Fire) Equiponderance / Taoism