Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mass Influence - Life To The MC bw Under Pressure


I posted Mass Influence's second 12" a couple weeks ago and I finally got around to ripping their first one so here it is. Same label, Elemental Recordings, and the year is '97. Mass Influence did their own prods for both tracks. Enjoy.

(Media Fire) Life To The MC bw Under Pressure

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gas Chamber/Izm Da Mad Soul - It's Yours bw Illusiv/Who Lit Dat


This is a really nice 12" by the Gas Chamber. It was released in 1998 on Next Millenium Records. The A side has the track It's Yours. I'm not to into the beat much for this song but lyrically it's way dope. The B sides got two Izm Da Mad Soul, (member of the Gas Chamber), solo tracks. The first one is Illusiv witch is my favorite song on this 12". The other one is Who Lit Dat witch is equally as dope. All the songs on this vinyl were produced by DJ Mo. Pretty sick 12" right here so don't miss it.

(Media Fire)It's Yours bw Illusiv/Who Lit Dat

Friday, March 21, 2008

Rugged Brood ft. Shamus - What's The Impact VLS


Nice 12" on Raw Track Records. This was released in '98 and the productions were done by Buckwild. Rugged Brood were featured on Shamus's Serving Life EP and I believe they released another single for the Dwellin' In Darkness track witch is pretty dope. This track is equally dope so enjoy!

(File Front) What's The Impact VLS (BYL)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nappy Crumb Snatchers - Real Shaolin EP


Pretty dope indie outta Staten Island by N.C.S. (Nappy Crumb Snatchers), on Black Prince Records. N.C.S. dropped this EP in '96 and it features 6 songs. A sides got the tracks Black Rain, Mentals Of The Mind, and Crumbsnatchers From The Slums. The B sides got Facks, Zero 8, and Lump Sums. Each track is ill for it's own reason but I'd have to say my favorite would be Facks or Lump Sums. Productions on this 12" were done by Keith Cormier and Johnel Hill.

Real Shaolin EP

(Media Fire) Real Shaolin EP

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Southpaw EP


Here's a compilation on Southpaw Records. This was released in '96. I guess there is another version to this EP that has the Ill Bill track, Dope Fiend,(SP-30475) instead of the Masta Ace track that's on this one (SP-99151). The other one was posted on Wax Attack recently and can be found on discogs here. The track Nobody Knows My name by Love 'N' Props was produced by This Kid Named Miles. Lord Digga's got 2 tracks on this EP. First is S.E.X., produced by Fatal and the other one is Feel It with prods by Masta Ace. The Widowmakers did their own prods on the track Meet Jamacia. And the last track on this EP is Top Ten List by Masta Ace. Personally I like The Widowmakers track the best.

If any ones got any info on why there's two versions of this EP released in the same year let me know. Thanks

The Southpaw EP (BYL)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tribal Music Inc. - Equilibrium bw Wrong Number / Traffic



Tribal Music Inc. released this promo in '96. This 12" features 3 artists and 3 tracks. The A side has the track Equilibrium by the Ghetto Children, produced by Vitamin D. B side's got Wrong Number by the Phat Mob, produced by Poetry and Vitamin D, and the track Traffic by Sinsemilla. Traffic was produced by Topspin. The "Do The Math" compilation was released the same year and features artists like Infinite and T.H.C. Do The Math also has a couple other tracks by Ghetto Children and Phat Mob, so you should check it out. My favorite track of this 12" would be Equilibrium. So enjoy this Seatle gem.

Equilibrium bw Wrong Number/Traffic (BYL)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

All Natural - It's OK VLS


Here's a 12" by All Natural (Capital D & Toni B Nimble) from '98. All Natural released this on their own label, All Natural Music. The A Side has the track It's OK produced by His-Panic. The B side has 3 tracks, No Nonsense, Cashin' The Checks and Writer's Block. No Nonsense and Cashin' The Checks were produced by Capital D and Writers Block was done by Uprising Productions. The track Cashin' The Checks features one of my favorite MC's, Mr. GreenWeedz. All the songs on this 12" are dope. Check it out.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jamal - Fades Em All VLS


A VLS by the mc Jamal, of Illegal. This 12" was released in '95 on Rowdy Records. Prods are by Redman and Reggie Nobel. Jamal released an album the same year titled Last Chance, No Breaks and 2 other singles in '96. This is a pretty dope track so enjoy.

Fades Em All VLS (BYL)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mass Influence - Space Cases bw Rhyme Placement


Mass Influence!! Super dope 12" put out on Elemental Recordings in '98. Mass Influence consists of Applejac, Cognito, H2o, and Spearhead X. H2o started the group after leacing Yall So Stupid. This is Mass Influence's second 12" after the Life to the MC / Under Pressure release in '97. After that Mass Influ released a EP titled Underground Science along with a couple other 12"s from '00 - '02. On this 12" there are 3 tracks Space Cases, Rhyme Placement, and Clown Syndrome. Mass Influence did the productions for all the tracks. I really like Rhyme Placement but all 3 are sick.

Space Cases bw Rhyme Placement