Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Brotha Life and X Man Project - Gotta Have It / Rise Up


*I know I've been slow on the updates and I apologize, I've been busy. Next month I will make sure to post alot more. I'll also be posting vinyls on Wax Attack starting next month, so make sure to check for a bunch of dope stuff!*

Here's a nice indie 12" out of NY by The Brotha Life & X Man Project. This record was released on Undercover Records in 1995. Both tracks were produced by Brotha Life and X Man. Brotha Life has another 12" out there that was released in 1993 and has the tracks The Wreck'a and Show Taker. Other than that I don't have any information on these guys. I like the B side, Rise Up, alot more but both tracks are nice. Check it out and drop a comment.

Gotta Have It / Rise Up

(File Front) Gotta Have It / Rise Up


tyler said...

rise up helps me feel great thank you my friend appreciate the share

Chile con Juevo said...

Gotta Have It struck me a little more, but overall this is dope!!

Gracias, BYL.

Chason said...

both tracks are nice thanks

Brakkbacda said...

thanks for your contribution byl. it's perfect.
stay dope. pz bro.

Anonymous said...

some good rugged shit! thanks byl!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much.