Monday, October 27, 2008

Uptown Kidz - I Got Da Skilz


Here's the first 12" released by NYC based crew, U.T.K or Uptown Kidz. This record was released in 1992 on Big Boss Records. Cazi-O did the productions for this track. I have one other U.T.K record, released in 1994 and it's on Big Boss as well. That 12" has the tracks How We Roll and Dark Side. They changed their name to U.T.K. Rezerectors on that 12". I don't know if U.T.K has any other 12"s or CDs, I've heard rumors of an LP but I haven't seen it. Personally I like their second 12" more but the song on this 12" is still good. Enjoy the rip and leave a comment. Peace

I Got Da Skilz (zShare)
I Got Da Skilz (File Upload)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BYL Mix 3!


Just put this together... I picked another 13 tracks for your indie listening pleasure. I'll be posting alot of these songs up again, here and on Wax Attack, but with full record reviews and rips. So check it out and leave some comments.


Okey Doke - Whos Da One Rappin
Black Mafia - Gotta Get Paid
Darc Mind - Smooth Wit The Roughness
Company Flow - Juvenile Technique
Demaka - Knowledge Is Power
Headrush - Run For Cover
Chapter 3 - Ruff-N-Tuff
Trife and D Mob - Running From The Mob
Homeliss Derilex - Explanations
Top Choice Clique - You Cant Deal
Dysfunkshunal Familee feat. Finsta Bundy - Like That U Dont
Eddie Meeks and Thareeko - Gunclappin and Pistolwhippin
Rec Center - Whos Who

BYL Mix 3 (zShare)
BYL Mix 3 (File Upload)