Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BYL Mix 3!


Just put this together... I picked another 13 tracks for your indie listening pleasure. I'll be posting alot of these songs up again, here and on Wax Attack, but with full record reviews and rips. So check it out and leave some comments.


Okey Doke - Whos Da One Rappin
Black Mafia - Gotta Get Paid
Darc Mind - Smooth Wit The Roughness
Company Flow - Juvenile Technique
Demaka - Knowledge Is Power
Headrush - Run For Cover
Chapter 3 - Ruff-N-Tuff
Trife and D Mob - Running From The Mob
Homeliss Derilex - Explanations
Top Choice Clique - You Cant Deal
Dysfunkshunal Familee feat. Finsta Bundy - Like That U Dont
Eddie Meeks and Thareeko - Gunclappin and Pistolwhippin
Rec Center - Whos Who

BYL Mix 3 (zShare)
BYL Mix 3 (File Upload)


Mad Human said...

Yeah homie, good choice right here. I have to do some mix like this, but i`m so buzy right now.Whatever,enjoy people with this sick indie mix who made BYL special :)

Anonymous said...

it isnt even mixed. thats a compilation yo

BYL said...

i guess...but im not a dj though. i made this just for lisening. but i guess your right i should have called it a compilation cause i didnt really mix anything. either way hope you like the songs

Chason said...

thanks byl.. lot's of nice tracks!

Anonymous said...

tru, its not mixed. but still some dope tracks. thx a mill BYL. im feelin "Black Mafia", "Chapter 3" and that "Rec Center" track the most. Wheres dat Rec Center from? I only know the "Lonely People LP" and "The Tightest VLS". of course "Trife and D-Mob" is dope too. u know how many people are mad after this LP bro. time to drop it. :P

keep on. one love.

Anonymous said...

and dont get me wrong in any way, but i still dont get it why people collect hiphop vinyls if the dont even scratch or dj. but who cares. u got love for the music. peace.

BYL said...

glad you like the mix. the rec center track is off the Whos Who VLS released in 1997 on rotten soil records. ill post it some time.

also i do scratch.... im no dj, but i can scratch and i buy records for scratching but i mainly collect vinyl just because im a fan of hip hop.

Anonymous said...

aight, thx for the info BYL. did not know that this VLS exists :)

and i absolutely did not want to offend u. but i think u do not feel like i wanted, eh? :) its better in any way to buy vinyl than cds. i just do not want that most important thing in hiphop to get lost. and thats the skills.

humbert said...

yo...first of all props for your work inhere...would like to score that mix but anyhow the dl link does not work properly...maybe its a prob with my pc...if not i would appreciate if u reup this one...thx in advance pz

BYL said...

ivd heard people say they are having zshare problems. i havent havd any yet but if people keep tellin me telling me there are then ill re up it

humbert said...

aight hope i wont have to change nicks heh...peez

Anonymous said...

This Zshare link doesn't work anymore...Can you please reup the mix? Keep doin' ur thing ++

BYL said...

well i guess lots of people are having zshare issues. so ill add another link on file upload but i prefer zshare and im not having problems so im going to leave that link up to.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new link !

humbert said...

yup thx

Anonymous said...

company flow - juvenile technique.. been looking for that forver, shit from 93.. thanks byl. cant wait to take a listen. would you happen to have the full vls actually? of co flow? email is raze_it_up@hotmail.com

Brakkbacda said...

i'ma check it. did you'll mix for real soon ? if yes, i'm impatient to get a listen.
peace bro. one

Chris said...

hey bro, appreciate the dope compelation, could you re-upload BYL mix 1-3,, they all broken links.

thanks G

Anonymous said...
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