Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ready Ta Roll - Drug Game / Taste The Flavor

"For those who thought I was just a DJ you're wrong. I'm lyrically holdin' explodin' wit' verbal bombs but when it comes to the tables I'm still able to slice, dice, cut, and fuck dem records up!"
Here's a really dope 12" by Ready Ta Roll. Ready Ta Roll are from New Jersey and they released a couple records back in the early 90's. The earliest Ready Ta Roll Creation I'm familiar with is the "That Girl" single released under the name 2 Hard Ta Handle, witch was dropped in 1992 on PEP Records. In 1993 Ready Ta Roll released the Real Hip Hip / Ready Ta Roll VLS. That 12" is on Trumpet Records and isn't to hard to find.. defiantly worth checkin' out. The Drug Game / Taste The Flavor 12" was put out in 1994 on Chanpen Entertainment and their were two separate pressings made. I'm not sure witch one was pressed first, I always assumed that this press was a promotional press because the other one has alot more information on it and the label is colored. You can see it here. I also believe that Ready Ta Roll released an EP on vinyl containing all four cuts from their two other 12"s but I have never seen it. (If you got any info on that let me know.) This 12" was produced by Mark Curry who is the founder of Ready Ta Roll. You might know Mark Curry from his work with Bad Boy Ent. He has done work with Puff Daddy, G-Dep, Lil' Kim, Busta Rhymes and he even spits a verse in Dangerous MCs by Biggy and Snoop Dog. Well if you haven't heard the cuts on this 12" make sure to grab the files because they are both fire. Leave some comments, let me know what you think. Peace.



drug game is the bomb!i`ve been lookin` for this piece of wax for long time and i just cannot find it anywhere.damn.
drug game 12" is their dopest release for myself.
i think promo was released first as you said it already.

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing the other Drug Game 12" pressing on sale but never this one! Really want the one you posted with the cooler looking label. Dope release.

Anonymous said...

very good vinyl! if anyone want to sell a copy, send me a message please!!!
maybe we can do a deal or trade!!!!


Jem said...

found this site searching for more info about ready to roll. didnt expect to find anything about the group but you know your stuff ! I picked up this 12 and the real hip hop from mr bongos in london when they came out, always loved em.

Anonymous said...