Friday, July 10, 2009

Redd Bull & The Kixx Family - Raindrops EP

"Twisted minds, twisted hair, evil grins"
Today I decided to share this dope EP with you all. It is by Redd Bull & The Kixx Family and it was produced by one of Philly's finest, RuggedNess. If you don't know about RuggedNess you should. He is a producer/DJ/MC who is responsible for Ruggedness Mad Drama and the four 12"s they released between '93-'97. RuggedNess has also done loads of production work for Da Fat Cat Clique and recorded tracks with Three Times Dope, Ve Borne, and Ram Squad. The Kixx Family consists of Black Key, Ital Tha Rufian, Dark Man, Newsence, MC Skillz, and K-Sarrah-Harras. This EP was released in 1996 and it's the second 12" by Redd Bull. The first was the Bring On Da Bull EP witch was released in '94 on Kixx Records and it was produced by RuggedNess as well. This EP is so dope because of the main title, Raindrops. Hands down Raindrops is my favorite cut on the 12". A couple other tracks are enjoyable, like Who's Da Baddest and So Happy 2gether. But, again, Raindrops is the definate winner. This record is pretty tough to come by so if you see a copy don't hesitate! Enjoy the record and leave some comments letting me know what you think. Peace!


Jaz said...

Dope, thanks a lot for this one

Finn Gerbanger said...

Uh, wow. Very dope shit. Been wanting to hear this for the longest. Love that old rugged Philly sound. Muchas Gracias for this.

- said...

Do you by any chance have Ghetto Millionaire by Royal Flush ? Impossible to find...

BYL said...

ya i picked up a copy of that lp on vinyl like 3 weeks ago. i didnt rip it yet but i got a rip here on my computer. whats your email dog?

Anonymous said...

Thanks BYL, I like this one.

Anonymous said...

wow, this is hard to find!!

thanks very much for sharing!

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