Monday, January 21, 2008

Da Rail Black / Pauly Paps


Super dope 12" on Kruppt Records right here. Side A has the track Thuz 3 Wishz by Da Rail Black and side B's got War Scarz by Pauly Paps. Both tracks are ill. The year is '97 and prods were done by Tim Winn for both tracks. Don't sleep on this!

Da Rail Black / Pauly Paps (BYL)


Stepin said...

Thanks FOr the new ups, never heard of these cats.
Thx for sharing it to us. Peace :)

BYL said...

ya no problem.. one of my fav 12s pretty hard to find

Brakkbacda said...


keep it up.very good blog.


samasandler said...

can you re-up this hot shit again please?! really hard 2 find. thx & best regards from germoney