Saturday, January 5, 2008



Here's the first BYL Mix. 13 tracks I put together, they're all mass dope. Enjoy

Boodah An Da Bandit - Brain on Drugz
Arsonists - Flashbacks
Mood - Transmoreify
World Renown - Come Take a Ride (West Coast Mix)
Brainsick Mob - Mixmaster USA (Puff Ya Lah)
Troubleneck Brothers - Pure
Genovesee - Genovesee Thesis
NYCP - Cheeba Cheeba (Get Lifted Mix)
BBO - Dayz LIke This
Thrust - Do You Understand? (Remix)
Hype Da Madman - Real MC's
Da Naba Hood Threat - The Unknown
Psyclone - Ish Gotta Stop

BYL Mix 1


Matthew said...

I love the tracklist! Your blog rocks. I am gonna download this mix as soon as I get back to the crib. Stay Dope!

ILLustrious said...

i agree with matthew, great tracklist! lookin forward to bumpin this! thanks again BYL