Monday, May 26, 2008

Brothers Of The Mind - Stop Schemin' / Kick Facts and Rough & Tough VLS

I'm posting both of the 12"s from Brothers Of The Mind that were released in '95 and '96. Brothers Of The Mind come out of New York and are signed under Max'n Records. Max'n released some good stuff from '94-'96, a lot of instrumental and jazzy stuff. Both of these 12"s were produced by Pal Joey, who is well known for his work with BDP.

Stop Schemin' / Kick Facts - 1995


The first 12" they put out is my favorite of the two. It has the tracks Stop Schemin', on the A side, and Kick Facts on the B. I really like the beat for Stop Schemin', it has a crazy horn loop and lyrically it's a killer. Kick Facts has a bit of a faster beat and is a little more rugged.

Stop Schemin' / Kick Facts

Rough & Tough VLS - 1996


The second one has the track Rough & Tough and 2 different mixes, the Daytyme Mix and the Nitetyme Mix. The lyrics in this song are really well written. All 3 versions are sick and each have different styles. The Nitetyme Mix was remixed by Da Beatminerz and it's probably my favorite. This song has a sample from Mental Stamina by Jeru The Damaja. You all need to defiantly listen to these vinyls, and please leave me a comment telling me your stand on them. Enjoy!

Rough & Tough VLS


Anonymous said...

i'm feelin' these chilled vibes, stop schemin is crazy! much appreciated man

Anonymous said...

right Byl! these 2 vls are dope!! i prefer the first too, 'stop schemin' is really sick, lov the jazzy stuff! thankssssssss- peace bro'

Chile con Juevo said...

Definite dopeness!!

The first one is preferred, but both are nice.

Brakkbacda said...

props for having those two bombs.i wish i'll have them too one day.

beatjunkie299 said...

Both are dope joints....thanks!!!!

Apani said...

Thanks for the heat!

Anonymous said...

dope drop thx man

Anonymous said...

Yo, just hitting your blog for the first time. Just recently joined the digital community, having been a stubborn ageing b-boy for a long time and very attached to my vinyl connection. What you do is so helpful, just had an operation so was out of work for like 6 weeks so have been able to reconstruct pretty much my whole collection on the i-pod, that's really exciting for me right now. so, as i just saw your note about comments, this is mine, hope you appreciate it. hope to start my own soon, with my mixtapes and stuff i haven't seen other people post (e.g. do u have the bodyguard 12" or mama mystique). take care, and thanks again.
Fat Daddy from Switzerland

Diaz said...

Brothers of the mind isn't really my style but nice review of these.

BYL said...

what aspect of the group brothers of the mind isnt your "style" alec?

Diaz said...

I dont know I got these 12" a while ago and sold them I just wasn't feeling his flow the beats are mad ill though.

GREG said...

The beatminerz remix is sure the best remix!!! I love this fuckin' boot camp touch!!!