Sunday, July 20, 2008

A.B.U. Nation - Get Lifted VLS


Here is a record by A.B.U. (African Brothers United) Nation. This record was released in 1996 on Upset Records. This track and the mixes were produced by Arcenius Bryant, Greg Brown and co-produced by A.B.U. I think this is the last 12" A.B.U. Nation released. They have 2 other records out there, Pat Em Down VLS and the Black Panther Style VLS. The Pat Em Down VLS was also released in 1996 but I believe it was made earlier than this record, (I think the Get Lifted VLS was made in '96 but actually ended up coming out in early '97.) Black Panther Style was A.B.U.'s first 12", released in 1995. I don't know all the members of A.B.U. but I know one of them goes by the name, Demaka and I know before he did anything with A.B.U. he released a 12" (Knowledge is Power VLS) in 1992, witch is really dope and hard to find. Well check this single out and tell me if you like it!

*There is a miss print on the A-Side of this record. Theres no Radio Mix.*

Get Lifted VLS


Mad Human said...

.....No comments... You now my opinion for that one , especially for all A.B.U. Nation. :) I have to post some track of Demaka soon...Good drop homie

knowledge said...

props for this.

Brakkbacda said...

I guess i already heard this joint (street mix), maybe on your flatfetish player.
Thanks for the discover, keep it strong like ever.

BYL said...

thanks brakk. ya i had the street mix on my flashplayer for a while you could have heard it there