Sunday, July 27, 2008

Da Noe Doe Network - EP


Da Noe Doe Network released this EP in 1997 on 4Self Records and it was produced by FMS and Da Noe Doe Network. Da Noe Doe Network released some great indie records in the 90's on their own label's. The earliest Rock The MC material I know about is a record released in 1991 on Espionage Records. That record also features Skemen's Mcs, Gab and K.C. The Skemen dropped a really dope record in 1995 on their own label, Skemen records. Rock The MC is featured on that 12" as well. In 1996 the first record under the name Da Noe Doe Network was released. On that record it has a list of all the people that are part of the Da Noe Doe Network and is says "Rock The MC, Shawn October, World, Skemen, Tek Priest, Rumboo, Panther the Apache, Bruzza & FMS." The 2 tracks on that record, Next Stop and Take A Journey are both on this EP. Da Noe Doe Network did one more record that I don't know much abobut but I'm pretty sure it was released after this one. That 12" has the tracks Noe Biz and I'm Not Sure. If you don't have this one grab the files and let me know what you think.

Da Noe Doe Network - EP


Anonymous said...

classic right here. very nice post. always liked da noe doe. thx BYL. keep strong. peace.

High Hills said...

yo thanks for this one

knowledge said...

Props for droppin this, never heard it before, but i loved it, standout track for me was:

In A Minute / Next Stop but overall, very dope.

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