Sunday, September 14, 2008

Musik G and The Underground Army - Rock On / No Games


Here's a record by Musik G (Musik Generator) and The Underground Army. Musik G & The UGA released this 12" in 1998 on their own label, Underground Army Records. Musik G produced both tracks and No Games features W.H.Y. D Original. I posted this record because I really like the B side track, No Games. Rock On doesn't interest me much at all. Musik G & The Underground Army have recently made a return to the hip hop scene. In 2003 they put out an EP titled The Underground Can't Be Stopped! and last year they released the single, I'm Up. You can find out more info on Musik G and The UGA on their website. So take a second to listen to this record if you haven't heard it already and let me know what you think.

Rock On / No Games

(File Front) Rock On / No Games


dUEL said...

DOPE SHIT!! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

wow I really dig both tracks thanks again man

Anonymous said...

thx BYL. thx.

Apani said...

thank you for this!