Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stoney Wax Part 1: Stressed Out!

Yooo how are all the heads doin'? As you all can see I haven't been that active on the blog's lately and I know I keep sayin' I'm going to start posting more and then not delivering but today I thought I'd drop a couple 12"s on y'all. Recently I've been caught up in some legal shit and it takes up the majority of my days. If you notice the title of this post is Stoney Wax Part 1. Due to my legal situation I have been forced to put down the buddha but that does not mean I still don't love bumpin' grimey cuts wit' stoney vibes. So todays posts are inspired by my deeply missed amigo, the good ol' gungi!
This record is by a crew outta NYC that call them selves Stressed Out. This is a 3 man crew consisting of the MC's, Sport, Soul Kid, and Def. This record was released on Radical Records, same label that signed Mr Freeze & The Homewreckers. The cuts were produced by Soul Kid and Geo. The big bad Es Em Double Oh Vee (Smoov) from VA has the theory that the Geo who produced this record is the same Geo from Geo & Ricochet since Mr Freeze and Geo, from Geo & Ricochet, both worked with Jazzy Jay. This record was released in '95 and it comes with two banging tracks, Jazzy Wit Da Joint and Bullets Flyin'. The cut that falls under the category of Stoney Wax is the A side, Jazzy Wit Da Joint. Now when you first hear this crews name, Stressed Out, you probably get the impression that these guys like to chief da trom, and they sure do! When Sport spits the first line "Let's go the whole nine and combine are minds for the caper, savor the joint and still get high from the vapor." and those inhale/exhale sounds start comin' in you know this is a song you gotta get lifted to. This song has a sick laid back jazzy boom bap sound that I just fuckin' love. The B side cut is ill too but this post is about gettin' stoned so I'm not really gunna go into details, just listen! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, this record was released in 3 different presses; the promotional release, the main release, and then a way dope picture disc. The main release is not hard to find at all and is easy to grab for a decent price... the promo and the picture disc are a lil' harder to find. I only own the main release and the picture disc and since photos of the main one are all over the net I thought I'd post pics of the picture disc, witch I think is really nice lookin', especially when it's spinnin' on a wheel of steel. Alright I've done enough writing, so now go twist some up and get amped to this dope 12". And be nice and drop a comment! (sorry for the low quality pics, the picture disc didn't fit in my scanner so I had to use the camera on my iPhone)


rolfzuercher said...

just startin work now so I guess the gunja gotta wait ;-)
anyway, thanks for the rip man n good luck 2 u!

Kizim said...

Thanks man! Dooope!

Marian said...

Bullets flyin', niggaz dyin'... DOPE!! Thanks!

Tribalman666 said...

Thanks Perr I been lookin for Jazzy wit da joint.
miss you

mustafa138 said...
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djguccigang said...

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