Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stoney Wax Part 2: Yes It's The WeedSkillz!

"Gimme da weed, da good ganja weed...I rebuild on refer, I do it everyday. I smoke the sensi herb because it help's me lead the way."
So here's the second record I picked for y'all to get stoned to. Not the best indie out there, lyrics/production wise, but it sure is a fucking great cut to listen to while you're smokin' a blunt! This one is by a crew called the 4horsemen, who hail from Flatbush, and it was released in 1996 on All Kind Coundz (only record on that label). The 4horsemen did the production on this record and Dirty Rat co-produced WeedSkillz. Now this record kinda has me scratchin' my head. Some of you might be familiar with The 4horsemen if you're fans of Rass Kass, Canibus, Killah Priest, and Kurupt. They have dropped a couple tracks under the name The 4horsemen like Horsementality witch was on Canibus's album, 2000 BC, and Horse Talk witch was on Killah Priest's album, Priest Hood. Now when you guy's listen to this record you'll immediatly say "this can't be the same 4horsemen!" their voices are exponentially different, and I agree. But there's a couple other things that have me thinking there might be some sort of affiliation. The co-producer of the b side track, WeedSkillz, is a man who goes by the name Dirty Rat. In 2002 WolfPac released and EP called Still More Bounce and the title song features Dirty Rat and Rass Kass. Also, five years ago J Wells released an album and on one of the cuts, Get It, Dirty Rat and Kurupt are on the mic. Now since Rass Kass and Kurupt are part of The 4horsemen crew that released Horsementality and since Dirty Rat co-produced this record, here, it get's me thinkin'.... Now this doesn't really mean much, Kurupt and Rass Kass have done tracks with hundreds of heads and it's most likely a co-incidence because if you're a fan of Rass, Kurupt, Killah P, and Canibus you can just tell they aren't the Mc's on this record. So the mystery remains but my guess is that this is just a indie crew that released a low budget 12" in the mid 90's and that's it, no affiliation..... So getting back to the theme of this post, the weed skillz! This is the only song on this record I really enjoy, Crime is kinda wack (though the first mc rips the fuck out the mic), in fact both the songs on this record are not that great, but when it comes to songs to get lifted to WeedSkillz takes the fucking cake! The hook say's it all, "Yes it's the weed skills, Dutch Masters I build. If I wanna go and get high then I will." I don't think there is a line in this song that isn't referring to how much weed these dudes smoke. They make some pretty far stretches to add their love for the herbals into their rhymes, like this one "smokin' Backwoods in the back of Brooklyn yards, runnin' wit' TV's and VCR's. Gettin' smoked out wit' white boys that play guitars." Haha, that line cracks me up every time I hear it. One of my favorite line's in the song is a pretty repetitive rhyme but it could have been a dope hook, ha, it goes "I got train rollin' skills, walkin' rollin skills, duckin' when I'm runnin' from the cops rollin' skills." Even though the rhyme patterns in this song are pretty repetitive, the Mc's flows are lackin' consistency, and one of the Mc's voice's is wack beyond recognition, there's no way anyone could smoke a blunt, listen to this song and not have their headin' noddin' and not have the hook stuck in their head in the first minute! When it comes to songs to listen to while I'm smokin' the "good ganja weed", this one is one of my favorites.... doesn't mean its a great hip hop song though. Non the less I'm sure lots of you will enjoy this record. So go twist another one up lay back on work on your weed skillz! Peace, leave some comments.


Marian Kipnis said...

Thanks) WeedSkillz is my favourite joint on this wax.

verge said...

Nice to see you updating the blog again, byl.
I've gotten much dopeness off here.
Will check this one now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks!! Dope!

nchorover said...

Yo man thanks a lot for this whole blog and all of the knowledge. I get exactly how you would feel if people download but dont comment this is about sharing the knowledge. I like this joint its dope.

Anonymous said...

nice record indeed! the original sample from Weedskillz can be found on The Crusaders - southern comfort lp


Anonymous said...

"dont forget your lighter, and bring many el productos to this AK cipher" from weedskillz. What you think this means, anything to do with el-p?

Anonymous said...


BYL said...

nah it aint dead, lemme know if you need re ups. but i think im done posting in this format. im tryin to get something new comin.

verge said...

Looking forward to it, byl. Yo, this record is ill as hell! Weedskills is now maybe my favorite weed anthem of all time. Shame it didn't get play back in the day.
Thanks again for posting!

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