Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Danja Mowf & The Supafriendz


Sick 12" outta VA. Got 2 dope tracks on it. A sides got Vowel Movement by The Supafriendz along with a nice remix. This track features Mad Skillz. The B side is just as smooth. B sides has Questions by Danja Mowf including the remix and the original version. The original version is actually a little more slept on and it's personally my favorite cut (the remix is in the sampler). The year is '96 and all productions by Adolphus Maples and Lonnie Battle.

Danja Mowf & The Supafriendz VLS (BYL)


chason-despain said...

yo man, says file not found.

BYL said...

you mean on rapidshare? or what either way ill re up the link... it should would i just ripped it

BYL said...

yeah i just check on antoher comp and the link worked fine

Anonymous said...

re up this if u can