Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ground Floor - One, Two b/w Dig on That


You all should know this 12". I'm posting this VLS full because it's not really up anywhere else. For those who don't know this 12" was dropped in '94 and the label is Bandoola. This 12 features Lord Finesse on the B side. Lord Finesse did the productions for that song also. Ground Floor never did anything after this 12" but they were planning on doing a full EP on Bandoola, so was Lord Finesse, but the label dropped off and that was the end of Ground Floor. So enjoy the dopeness.

One, Two b/w Dig on That (BYL)

One, Two's got a vid. If ya haven't seen it here it is.

Ahhh so fresh. Love this track


ILLustrious said...

you da man, you da man, you da mutha fuckin maaaan!

Chile con Juevo said...


Fantabulous post here, sir.

JAMMQ said...

Yo, unbelievable upload.

Mad props! I remember this back in '94, and the only copy I have of it is on tape off a radio show.

You can't find this anyway.

Good motherfuckin' look!


JAMMQ said...

I spoke too soon. I can't extract it with WinRar or Windows extracter.

Says there's a syntax error or something.

BYL said...

ya i think that there is a comma in the tile name "one, two" and if so then it wouldnt work with a windows so ill re up it when i get home sorry about that

NewJack said...

can you re-up it on something other than zshare??

Anonymous said...

yo its not working man. says its damaged or format is corrupt. can upload it again