Friday, December 28, 2007

J Treds - Make It Happen b/w Praise Due


Really nice 12" by J Treds of Parallax. This ill 12 was dropped in '98 on Fondle 'Em. Produced by Supe and Kan. In my opinion Make It Happen is the doper of the 2 tracks but both are deff worth listenin' to.

Make It Happen b/w Praise Due (BYL)


The T Organization said...


I fell in love with this track the first time I heard it in high school...I was always wondering what happened to J-Treds, he did this 12" a couple of guest appearances and then dissappeared to the hip-hop graveyard.

Props for this

BYL said...

ya did stuff with apani b and another 12" by him self. he was also in parallax.

Anonymous said...

very positive song! beat is dope too!
thanks also for providing me with the stopschemintrack from brothers of the mind...didn't know this before-lucky me found the vinyl recently...hhhhhooooooorrrraaaayyyyy!

peace score