Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mudkids - Freekya/Mash It Up/Water to Earth


Mudkids is a 2 man group out of Indianapolis Indiana. Rusty, or Russ Johnson, is the MC and Elp-Mass, or Tyler Knapp is the DJ. The Mudkids have had some underground popularity and have released a couple other singles including the '99 12", Fool/Numbawonsoun'/Rap Can Do. They released another two vinyls in '00-'01. Less than 2 years ago the Mudkids released a full length CD titled Basementality, featuring a new addition to the Mudkids, Skittz. The single I'm posting is their first release from '98. It's on Surf Records and the productions were done by Elp-Mass.

Freekya/Mash It Up/Water to Earth


Diaz said...

Nice post, I like the track mash it up the most. I got a copy of this 12" for sale/trade too if anyone is interested

BYL said...

i agree with you, mash it up is dopest

Brakkbacda said...

"freekya" is a classic.-.

thanks for the infos about the crew.pz

ILLustrious said...

yo thanks for sharin yet another new vls to me... mad props byl

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for your work you put in, its mad appreciated man.

thanks especially for the blaque spurm, munk with the funk and mad scientist

much respect, peace