Monday, April 21, 2008

Record Sales

Here is a small selection of records I am selling. This list is also posted on the vinyladdicts forum here. If you are interested in a record just let me know. Also if there is a record you're interested in but you'd rather trade something let me know and if I like the offer it's a deal. All the prices here are what I'm asking for, If it says "(SOLD!)" that means some one offered to buy it but until I completely remove the record from the list no transaction has been made so if you want it offer more!!

I've put together a zip file thats got snippets from the records, grab that here.

You can contact me using the vinyladdicts forum or you can e-mail me at

Supafriendz / Lonnie B. - Come Git It / Unseen World Pt. 2 / Make It Hot. 1997 804 Tapes-N-Discs. Condition: EX. Price 9.99 USD

Shatike - Lifestyles / Diamonds. 1996 Buddah Fest Ent. Condition: M. Price 14.99 USD

Nomaads - The Ultimate / The Ultimate Remix. 1994 V.I.P. Records. Condition: VG. Price 29.99 USD

Arsonsits - Blaze / Geembo's Theme / Flashback. 1997 Fondle 'Em Records. Condition: EX Price. 9.99 USD

Siah - Repetition / Pyrite. 1997 Fondle 'Em Records. Condition: EX. Price 12.99 USD

Lin Que - Let It Fall / Par Ley. 1995 Eastwest Records. Condition: VG. Price 9.99 USD

Love 'N' Props, Lord Digga, The Widowmakers, Masta Ace - The Southpaw EP. 1996 Southpaw Recordings. Condition: Mint. Price 39.99 USD *Not release with the Ill Bil track, Dope Fiend" (SOLD!)

The Kreem Team feat. Boosta Brody - Three Hots And A Cot / For The Love Of Money (Bust 2 Shots). 1996 Action Records. Condition: EX. Price 19.99 USD

Jgaboo Da Ignant - Travels / Me. 1997 Horizon Records. Condition: VG. Price 14.99 USD

Don Scavone - The Force / Sketchy Situation. 1999 Makin' Records. Condition: M. Price 12.99 USD

J-Treds - Make It Happen / Praise Due. 1998 Fondle 'Em Records. Condition: EX. Price 9.99 USD

Yeshua da poED - The Head Bop / Directions. 1997 Raw Shack Productions. Condition: EX Price 9.99 USD

Scienz Of Life - Powers on Nine Ether / The Anthem/ 1997 Fondle 'Em Records. Condition: VG. Price 7.99 USD


Mad Human said...

Damn i wanted that for my OG wax`s Kukoo Da Bag-A-Bonez - Real Kukoo / Big Queens. 1996 but i`m late , anyway another time.


BYL said...

well.. the guy hasnt payed me yet said something about the end of the week so nothing is set in stone on that one yet