Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Funk Family


Most of you know Blaque Spurm well here is a 12" by The Funk Family, an earlier group headed by Bobbie Fine. The Funk Family consists of Bobbie Fine, El Blaque, Baby Chill, Stylze, Cuba, Dru, and Awahl. This 12" is on Poetic Groove records and it's a 1992 release. The A-side has the track Anyway procuded by the Baker Boyz. The other side has 3 tracks ; Think B4 Ya Step, Disperse, and On The Strip. All 3 songs are produced by Tony D. My favorite track on here is Disperse, really dope. Check it out!

Anyway VLS

(File Front) Anyway VLS


siderealist said...

thank you! i never saw actual release of anyway. i copped unreleased album from bobbie fine's myspace but doesn't have "disperse" on it.

Andrew said...

ty for this post i love you

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. TONY D 16 days before 4.20, I wonder what his plans were for that day