Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jgaboo Da Ignant - Travels bw Me


Here is a 12" by the Canadian rapper Jgaboo Da Ignant. It's on Horizon Records and was put out in '97. Casper did the productions on both sides. I don't know much about Jgaboo.. I know he has a track on the Pho Phat Jointz EP and I think he has one more 12" but I'm not sure. My favorite out of the 2 tracks on here would have to be Travels by far. Any way check this 12" out!

Travels bw Me (BYL)


Brakkbacda said...

i remember i was listen to that "travels" 3 years ago, shit was rare and fat.I guess it's not changed.
Thanks a lot for the b-side.

props !!!!!!!!

Rip said...

Rest in peace Matic aka JgaBoo Da Ignant. You will be missed my brother.