Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kukoo Da Bag-A-Bonez - Real Kukoo bw Big Queens


Sick 12" by Kukoo Da Bag-A-Bonez. This was released in '96 and it's on Kukoo's Nest Music. Pretty dope tracks on here. A side's got Real Kukoo produced by D.j. Mr. Sinister. And the B sides got Big Queens produced by Ill Distracxion, who has released some dope stuff. I personally like Real Kukoo more. I know Kukoo has got some other 12"s but I don't have em, if anyone knows where I can find one let me know. Well enjoy this one.

Real Kukoo bw Big Queens

(File Front) Real Kukoo bw Big Queens


ILLustrious said...

this pretty fuckin dope! i think he has a fetish with sayin "Niggy" lol

thanks man

vergill tibbs said...

Thanks.Word,this record had my whole crew saying niggy back If u got the other Ill Distracxions,can u up them? Been looking for the "quarter to midnght" 12" for mad years

REP96st said...

can you re-up the link?