Thursday, February 14, 2008

HDM - Da Professional


Dope 12" by Hype Da Madman outta Jersey. Released on Jungle Nills Records in '97. The A side track, Da Professional, was produced by Monochrome and the B side track, Real MC's, was produced by Nik the Wiz. My fav of the 2 is Real MC's. HDM has two other releases, Eye Level ('94) and No Nice Timez ('97 and under the name Sho-Nuf). If you know where I can hear the Eye Level single please let me know, very hard to find. Well any way enjoy this 12", def classic.

(File Front) Da Professional


Arti said...

Real MC's is excellent! I have this in the quality I will take 128 now this in 160 bitrate - Thanks

Anonymous said...

Both tracks are ill, i like da professional as much as real mc's, thanks