Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tribal Music Inc. - Equilibrium bw Wrong Number / Traffic



Tribal Music Inc. released this promo in '96. This 12" features 3 artists and 3 tracks. The A side has the track Equilibrium by the Ghetto Children, produced by Vitamin D. B side's got Wrong Number by the Phat Mob, produced by Poetry and Vitamin D, and the track Traffic by Sinsemilla. Traffic was produced by Topspin. The "Do The Math" compilation was released the same year and features artists like Infinite and T.H.C. Do The Math also has a couple other tracks by Ghetto Children and Phat Mob, so you should check it out. My favorite track of this 12" would be Equilibrium. So enjoy this Seatle gem.

Equilibrium bw Wrong Number/Traffic (BYL)

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ILLustrious said...

yo thanks a lot for this BYL! ive had the Do The Math compilation for a while. all them seattle underground cats! some of that shit is mad ill

lookin forward to hearin this joint!
thanks again... one love