Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mass Influence - Space Cases bw Rhyme Placement


Mass Influence!! Super dope 12" put out on Elemental Recordings in '98. Mass Influence consists of Applejac, Cognito, H2o, and Spearhead X. H2o started the group after leacing Yall So Stupid. This is Mass Influence's second 12" after the Life to the MC / Under Pressure release in '97. After that Mass Influ released a EP titled Underground Science along with a couple other 12"s from '00 - '02. On this 12" there are 3 tracks Space Cases, Rhyme Placement, and Clown Syndrome. Mass Influence did the productions for all the tracks. I really like Rhyme Placement but all 3 are sick.

Space Cases bw Rhyme Placement


Anonymous said...

dope tracks!!!

JonnyC said...

Don't forget the main Mc Audessey the Sound Sci!!!