Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gas Chamber/Izm Da Mad Soul - It's Yours bw Illusiv/Who Lit Dat


This is a really nice 12" by the Gas Chamber. It was released in 1998 on Next Millenium Records. The A side has the track It's Yours. I'm not to into the beat much for this song but lyrically it's way dope. The B sides got two Izm Da Mad Soul, (member of the Gas Chamber), solo tracks. The first one is Illusiv witch is my favorite song on this 12". The other one is Who Lit Dat witch is equally as dope. All the songs on this vinyl were produced by DJ Mo. Pretty sick 12" right here so don't miss it.

(Media Fire)It's Yours bw Illusiv/Who Lit Dat


ILLustrious said...

thanks man!! anxious to hear this one

Brakkbacda said...

it's yooooours.

cheers )

Esteban said...

This is sooo fukin sicc man. wow

rolando said...

wow good to see a blog many years after its release.I am the producer of the record.you can google "freshro my flow" for new track with myself and izm (now check 1 da ill lyfe) on the same e.p another track which features "penuckle" my other artist I produce