Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Southpaw EP


Here's a compilation on Southpaw Records. This was released in '96. I guess there is another version to this EP that has the Ill Bill track, Dope Fiend,(SP-30475) instead of the Masta Ace track that's on this one (SP-99151). The other one was posted on Wax Attack recently and can be found on discogs here. The track Nobody Knows My name by Love 'N' Props was produced by This Kid Named Miles. Lord Digga's got 2 tracks on this EP. First is S.E.X., produced by Fatal and the other one is Feel It with prods by Masta Ace. The Widowmakers did their own prods on the track Meet Jamacia. And the last track on this EP is Top Ten List by Masta Ace. Personally I like The Widowmakers track the best.

If any ones got any info on why there's two versions of this EP released in the same year let me know. Thanks

The Southpaw EP (BYL)


Brakkbacda said...

yo man props.so strange that there is two versions of this ep.and they don't looks like promo version.maybe an error ?

thanks for that "top ten list" track.

Andyman187 said...

Thanks Guess This Is The Only Way To Get The Top Ten List Instrumental.

ILLustrious said...

thanks for this one man! i have the other version as well.

isotope said...

its all about the top ten + dub

Anonymous said...

Can you REUP The Southpaw EP ??

Herbaholic said...

re-up ?